We Are LINC St. Charles County

A Christ centered organization, helping fragile families on their journey to self-sufficiency… Jeremiah 29:11


The Mission of LINC St. Charles County

LINC: "Love In the Name of Christ"

LINC’s mission is to provide support and direction for disadvantaged families and individuals in the community, helping them to set goals and objectives that will empower them to become productive citizens within the community. LINC takes a comprehensive, wholistic approach to meeting physical, educational, social, and spiritual needs.

Where We Serve

LINC serves a three-county area and accomplish the mission through our various programs that operate in Wentzville, MO at The Community Life Center at Love Park. Adjacent to a subsidized housing community of 600 residents, Love Park is an 9-acre facility with football and baseball fields, basketball and volleyball courts, a 1/2 mile paved walking trail, and a 7000 square foot community center. The center houses LINC’s offices and emergency assistance center, the Family Learning Center daycare, the HOPE Food Pantry, computer lab, commercial kitchen, and multi-purpose area.

A variety of programs are employed to accomplish our mission. Emergency assistance programs aid in the prevention of homelessness. Educational and vocational programs are available to enhance soft and hard job skills. The daycare is available to single-income families meeting income guidelines. Recreational programs help encourage healthy bodies as well as healthy lifestyles and relationships. Our “3-R’s” are the development of Relationships, Responsibility, and Respect.

ABC’s of knowing Christ

Jesus Himself said, I am the way , the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father expect through me .” John 14:16. He is waiting for you now.

A – ADMIT to God that you are a sinner. Repent, turning away from your sin.

B- BY FAITH RECEIVE Jesus Christ as God’s Son and accept Jesus’ gift of forgiveness from sin. He took the penalty for your sins by dying on the cross.

C- CONFESS your faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. You may pray a prayer similar to this as you call on God to save you: “Dear God, I know that You love me. I confess my sin and need of salvation. I turn away from my sin and place my faith in Jesus as my Savior and Lord. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.”

After you have received Jesus Christ into your life, tell a pastor or another Christian about your decision. Show others your faith in Christ by asking for baptism by immersion in your local church as a public expression of your faith.

LINC is Love In the Name of Christ

Volunteers and mentors are what make the programs work. LINC has a large and growing network of organizations, churches, and businesses (plus interested individuals and families) who put hands and feet, love and action to work in building a successful community through encouraging productive behaviors.

Who We Are

Since 1992, LINC has operated with a volunteer board made up of interested individuals from the community. We reflect the diversity of our community and possess a keen interest in neighbors helping neighbors, especially “LINCing” our disadvantaged families with the help they need from local community resources. LINC supports disadvantaged families on the path to self-sufficiency. We are all about building strong families in successful communities. Meeting the needs of the whole person – body, soul, and spirit – helps make whole and healthy families, which in turn helps make whole and healthy communities. LINC–Love In the Name of Christ–is not just our name; it is what we do.


Daniel Hite
Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Board of Directors

2020 Officers:

  • Board Chair: Gary Mills
  • Vice-Chairman: Glen Locklear
  • Secretary: Joe Radi
  • Treasurer: Steve Bates

Community Programs:

  • Computer Club: TBD
  • H.U.G.G.S: Ashley Clayburne
  • Teen Outreach: Joe Radi, David Day and Jordan Lampkin
  • Summer Lunch: Patty Sanders and Kathy Park
  • Emergency Weather Response: Kathy Thompson
  • Counseling: Vivien Heron
  • Food Pantry: Patty Sanders and Steve Bates
  • Daycare/Preschool: Randy Diebel and Kathy Park
  • Foster Grandparents Program: Patty Sanders
  • Indigent/Homeless: Kathy Thompson
  • Advisor: John Kelly
  • Chairman Emeritus: Dan Hite

2021 Directors:

  • Finances: Jordan Lamkin
  • Technology: TBD
  • Building and Grounds: Ken Bergman and Jim MaCaughan
  • Volunteer Programs: Ahley Clayburne
  • Legal Matters: Glen Locklear
  • Evangelism: Cole Branstetter
  • Church Relations: Jim McMcaughan
  • Community Relations: Patty Sanders
  • Fundraising Events: Patty Sanders
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Ashley Claybourne
  • Foster Grandparents: Patty Sanders
  • Mentoring: Joe Radi
  • Day Care: Kathy Park and Randy Diebel
  • Building Development: Rick Tucker
  • Indigent/Homeless: KathyThompson
  • Nominating Program: Glen Locklear,
  • Building Task Force: Rick Tucker, David Day,Gary Mills, John Kelly (advisor), Gerald Thompson and Harvey Halcomb
  • LINC CEO: Kathy Thompson


  • Executive Director: Kathy Thompson
  • Fragile Family Case Manager: Judy Davis
  • Account Manager: Angela McAllister
  • Assistant Account Manager: Conda Halcomb
  • Hope Learning Center Manager: Angelique Davis
  • Hope Learning Center Assistant Manager: Kimberly Norman
  • Hope Learning Center Staff: Carol Glowski
  • Hope Learning Center Staff: Keisha Burns
  • Hope Learning Center Staff: Jasmine Moore
  • Hope Learning Center Staff: Kayla Barber
  • Foster Grandparent Program Director: Rhonda Orlando
  • Foster Grandparent Program Assistant: Vicki Jerden
  • Community Program Assistant: Patricia Sanders
  • Community Program Assistant: Terri Noble